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the last remnant of the old world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Anthony Mihovich

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Fuel for Thought [Jan. 29th, 2015|06:05 pm]
Anthony Mihovich

I feel like there's something we're missing here.Collapse )
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ACT NOW or not [Jan. 20th, 2015|04:47 pm]
Anthony Mihovich
[Current Location |nowhere]
[Current Mood |urgh]
[Current Music |air handlers]

It's 2015 and we are still dealing with this crapCollapse )
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WE ALL GOIN TO THE CITY NOW, BOYS! [Jan. 15th, 2015|02:40 pm]
Anthony Mihovich
[Current Location |also non]
[Current Mood |non]
[Current Music |always coca cola]

Kamesen: *furiously playing video games*
Mario: *passed out next to the couch*
Kamesen: Flibbitygibbit *flings the controller aimlessly away from him in a show of defeat*
t.v: *changes to the news*
Kamesen: Oh no.
News: Oh YES. Obama didn't show up to the anti-terror rally in Paris, so he's worse than Hitler x2.
Kamesen: Gosh I wonder why. Let's review: who is the person terrorists want to kill more than anyone else?
Person: Obama.
Kamesen: And what just happened in Paris?
Person: Terrorists murdered a bunch of people.
Kamesen: And now there's a big 'Fuck You, Terrorists' rally going on. What would the terrorists LOVE?
Person: For Obama to show up so they could murder him- ooooohhhh.
Kamesen: Yeah idiet.
Person: Well we should have sent SOMEone.
Kamesen: Why?
Person: So that everyone knows America hates terrorism!
Kamesen: *blinks* Wh-.. I... America hates terrorism more than anything! EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER KNOWS THAT. IT IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE.
Person: I don't follow.
Kamesen: *stands up from the couch, beer nuts clattering to the floor* We have the world's highest defense budget. We blow it annually on fighting against terror itself, something that is entirely intangible.
Person: Well then why aren't the terrorists DEAD, smart guy?
Kamesen: Because then we wouldn't have anyone to fight, and having the world's highest defense budget would be unjustifiable, and so we'd have to lower it, and Cheney would shit himself because he wouldn't be able to afford eight houses anymore and pay off people who are trying to uncover his rampant levels of fraud.
Cheney: *busts in* LIES
Mario: *sits up, vomits on him*
Cheney: AAAHARGHKJNVRJN *keeps running and smashes through the window, falls two stories and lands on a hedge out front*
Mario: *runs over to the window and keeps vomiting on him from above*
Cheney: *flails, screaming*
Kamesen: ...Anyway.
Muslim: *walks in* Excuse me-
Kamesen: What can I do for ya.
Muslim: I was just wondering where the nearest mosque was.
Kamesen: Hang on lemme find the ones that haven't been firebombed.
Person: *whispers* Muslim..
Muslim: What.
Person: Your religion is violent and crazy.
Kamesen: Oh and ours isn't.
Person: Well I'm not violent and crazy!
Kamesen: Neither is he.
Person: Prove it!
Muslim: ...*stands there?*
Person: Lies.
Radical Islamist: *runs in* CRUSH THE WEST *aims gun*
Kamesen: *shoots gun out of his hand*
Radical Islamist: NOT FAIR *looks at Muslim* Hey why aren't you crushing the west.
Muslim: Oh my gosh dude I'm just freaking trying to go pray.
Radical Islamist: You have not done your duty in crushing the west. I must behead you. *pulls out sword*
Kamesen: *shoots the sword out of his hand*
Radical Islamist: STOP IT
Kamesen: No.
Radical Islamist: *fumes*
Kamesen: Make the right choice here.
Radical Islamist: I'LL KILL YOU *pulls out a rocket launcher*
Kamesen: *shoots him*
Mario: He chose.. poorly.
Peach: *waltzes in* Solving everything with violence, I see.
Samus: *rolls in, uncurls* He was posing a clear and direct threat.
Peach: That's debatable.
Kamesen: He was holding a rocket launcher and he said 'I'll kill you'.
Mario: Screamed it more like. *peeks out the window* Y'ok Cheney?
Cheney: *laying in the hedge, covered in puke, talking to an officer of the law*
Mario: Uh oh.
Cop: *sees an unarmed black teenanger walking along* !!! *pulls out gun*
Kamesen: *teleports next to him and grabs his wrist* WHOA whoa whoa.
Cop: He.. was posing a clear and direct threat-
Kamesen: Aaah no no no. I do not think that is true.
Kid: *just walks along and goes home*
Cop: I felt like my life was in danger.
Kamesen: If an unarmed black teenager makes you feel like your life is in danger, you should not be a police officer.
Kamesen: Hup *throws him into the sun*
Cheney: I needed him.
Kamesen: Shut the fuck up, you old bastard.
Cheney: *sobs quietly*

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I don't even [Dec. 31st, 2014|12:04 pm]
Anthony Mihovich
[Current Location |non]
[Current Mood |what]
[Current Music |come on son]

Mario: Yes you do. *leaning over Kamesen on the couch, one hand planted on the back cushion, the other pointing at Kamesen's face, knees on the middle cushion*
Kamesen: What. *leans back slightly*
Mario: *narrows eyes* Yes.. you.. do.
Kamesen: *also narrows eyes* Are those cookie crumbs in your moustachio?
Mario: *ruffles his moustache* Perhaps.
Kamesen: *turns head aside, quickly chugs beer*
Mario: How're those wrists treatin' ya
Kamesen: *belches loudly*
Mario: Ya know, you're not supposed to wobble like an idiot while enduring pushup plank position number twelve.
Kamesen: THERE ARE NO NUMBERS, ASSHOLE *throws empty beer bottle across the room*
Peach: *ducks, beer bottle goes sailing over her head, cue smash noise and cat yowling*
Mario: Whose cat is that anyway?
Peach: Someone at all my cookies.
Kamesen: *snorts loudly, horfing under his breath with gratuitous laughter*
Peach: *just looks at him with disgust*
Mario: *points at Kamesen* It was him.
Peach: *pulls a baseball bat out of her tiny purse*
Kamesen: *frantically tries to cover himself* No- NO--

(cut to 'Technical Difficulties' sign with Kamesen screaming in the background, the sound of wood hitting flesh and bone repeatedly)

Kamesen: *sitting on the couch in various casts and bandages, one of his arms propped up by a splint, one eye swollen shut, etc*
Mario: Physical violence and domestic abuse is hilarious, I guess.
Kamesen: *shifts a little, trying to look at him* What makes this domestic?
Mario: *shrugs* I dunno; it's just a buzzword to me.
Samus: *next to the couch in ball form, uncurls and stands up to her full height* It happened in the home.
Kamesen: JESUS CHRIST SAMUS *flails stumpily and knocks over an empty beer bottle*
Jesus: You don't go to church enough.
Samus: Sorry. Anyway my knowledge of this junk is limited to yours, because you're me.
Kamesen: Wait- *looks from Jesus to Samus* What.. damn it I need to write these more often; my subconscious is like a busy train station now.
Mario: *looks at Jesus* Does that mean you're just an extension of Kamesen's subconscious too?
Jesus: There's a little Jesus in all of us.
Peach: *runs in* I'm sorry I beat up Kamesen.
Jesus: Don't apologize to me, silly.
Peach: *looks at Kamesen*
Kamesen: *looks up at Peach*
Peach: Asshole *decks him*
Kamesen: AGHAFGHSF *collapses*
Mario: *laughs so hard he starts spitting up beer*
Jesus: Iiiii'm out. *raises arms* TELEPORTATION~ *vanishes*
Kamesen: *sits up* Maaaan how'd he do that.
Samus: It's a Christmas miracle.
Kamesen: *shifts to look at Samus* Didn't we steal that from the Pagans?
Samus: Ssssooort of? Anyway it's time for that cast to come off.
Kamesen: YAAAY! *flails gankily*
Samus: *uses her gun arm to switch to buzz saw* BZZZZZ
Kamesen: You don't have to make the noise with your mouth, it already-
Samus: BRRRNNZZZZZ... *saws through the cast*
Kamesen: *holding a handfunl of gummy worms as the cast falls away* AAAAH MY ARM I'M AN ALIEN
Mario: Shut up; no you're not.
Kamesen: Aww *stuffs the gummy worms in his mouth*
Samus: You're welcome *turns back into a ball*
Kamesen: *chews messily* 'anks.
Mario: Aw man I was gonna ask for some o' those.
Kamesen: *turns his head, stares at him*
Mario: ...
Kamesen: *spits up a soppy ball of half-eaten gummy worms*

(thirty-seven years later)

Mario: *runs up to Kamesen*
Kamesen: *sleeping in a rocking chair, is old*
Mario: Stop it
Kamesen: *young again* Ay it's almost 2015
Mario: Any New Year's resolutions?
Kamesen: Uuuh to stop being a rampaging f(truck horn)ckboy.
Mario: HAH good luck.
Kamesen: Thanks *slaps him across the jaw*
Kamesen: ..
Mario: *flails incessently*
Kamesen: G'off me *shoves him to the ground*
Mario: *inhales and then lets out a slow, steady wail*
Kamesen: *stuffs a burrito in his mouth*
Mario: *sobbing through the burrito*
Kamesen: Flibbityjibbit *runs into the house*
*it is dark*
Kamesen: ... *reaches for a light switch*
Peach: *sitting at the table under a naked bulb, wearing a treasure chest as an outfit*
Kamesen: Okay.
Peach: I try to make Christmas ham.
Kamesen: Yes.
Peach: *looks down at empty glass o' beer*
Peach: Instead I make.. Christmas jam.
Kamesen: *slowly looks at her* Jjjjaaam like.. the music?
Kamesen: HOH *cartwheels through the door, shattering it into splinters*
Mario: *laying on the ground, eyes open, burrito sticking out of his mouth*
Kamesen: Mario wake up I need you.
Mario: *swallows the burrito whole*
Snake: Hmm.. tasty.
Mario: Alright seriously what's up *gets up and brushes his fanny off*
Kamesen: *rubs his chin furiously* Peach is freakin' me out.
Peach: *walks up in her normal dress* Hello.
Kamesen: *breathes really fast in and out his nose*
Peach: Do you enjoy playing as me in the new Smash Bros game
Kamesen: Yes, your ass is most powerful.
Peach: Ya doggone right. HA-CHA!! *buttslams him into the next dimension*
Luigi: *runs up, staring into the sky after them* I never get to be in the adventures.
Peach: Shut your damn mouth idiot *prepares to butt slam him* HA-CH--
Luigi: ZA WARUDO!! *bwoom!* *discolored shockwave pulses outward from him*
Peach: *stuck mid-air, frozen in time with her ass aimed toward destruction*
Luigi: Toki wo tomare *throws a popsicle at Peach, it stops in time right near her forehead*
Luigi: ..Soshite, toki ga ugoki desu. *time resumes, and the popsicle slaps against Peach's face*
Peach: Gross *throws Luigi on the ground*
Luigi: *just lays there*


Kamesen: *looks around at crappy furnature floating through the atmosphere, as well as a dog*
Samus: *beatboxing*
Dog: *howler monkey noises*
Kamesen: I hate this dimension.

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WAR!! AND SEXISM?! [Sep. 12th, 2014|05:09 pm]
Anthony Mihovich
[Current Location |HMM]
[Current Mood |NON]
[Current Music |enjoy the silence]

Doggone it, ya'llCollapse )

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What do you even want [Aug. 2nd, 2012|03:58 pm]
Anthony Mihovich
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |HOLY SHIT]
[Current Mood |enragedFUCK]
[Current Music |STOP IT]

Are you serious?Collapse )
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If there's one thing I can't stand [Jul. 26th, 2012|06:13 pm]
Anthony Mihovich
[Tags|, , ]
[Current Location |hey what the fuck are you kids doing on my fucking lawn]
[Current Mood |annoyedfuck]
[Current Music |we're sorry]

or two or threeCollapse )
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oh noes teh gay [May. 10th, 2012|11:56 am]
Anthony Mihovich
[Tags|, , , ]
[Current Mood |blankblank]

Here we goCollapse )
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Writer's Block: Learning Curve [Jan. 27th, 2012|12:35 am]
Anthony Mihovich

paint taste bad
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REPEAL OBAMMYCARE?! [Dec. 22nd, 2011|11:22 am]
Anthony Mihovich
[Current Location |my ass]
[Current Music |heavy breathing]

Kamesen: *throwing beer nuts at the t.v.*
Mario: I was gonna eat those.
Kamesen: Silence. *hurls the entire bowl at the t.v. with a loud metallic crash*
Kamesen: Aren't there.. over three hundred and twelve million American citizens?
Mario: Sho 'nuff. *digging through the couch cushions for more beer nuts*
Kamesen: *narrows eyes* So.. two million total people who are apparently against Obamacare.. versus three hundred and ten million people who are either for it, don't care, or are too young to give a shit.
Mario: Sounds about right, brah.
Kamesen: *just shrugs, lifting his hands into the air on either side of him* What the fuck.
Princess Peach: *stomps in, grabs Kamesen's cheek hard and gets all up in his face* Listen you little shit, I am a hard-working American and I am SICK and TIRED of having to pay out the ass so that jobless rejects with twelve kids can get cheap universal health care!
Kamesen: Stop..grabbing me.. *squirming*
Mario: *pretends to be asleep*
Princess Peach: *heavy breathing* So sick and tired, Kamesen.  SO SICK AND TIRED. *GETS CLOSER*
Kamesen: *mushes her face away* Stoppit.  Anyway, you've never worked a day in your damn life.  All you do is play tennis and get kidnapped.
Princess Peach: *stumbles back, shocked*
Kamesen: The job market is shit, and you'd know that if you even paid attention to the subjects in your damn kingdom.  People are getting fired for no reason, and companies are purposely not replacing them in order to save what would have been a paycheck for their own greedy selves.
Princess Peach: I DO NOT PLAY TENNIS
Kamesen: *ignores her* Although, it is justifiable to be concerned about those individuals who take advantage of the system without any intention whatsoever of seeking employment.  *cough* MARIO.
Mario: WHA- HUH what I do.
Kamesen: *looks at him* What have you done today Mario.
Mario: Don't give me that look man, I drank thirty beers today!
Kamesen: What SIGNIFICANT thing have you done?  Something, ANYTHING productive!
Mario: ...Hang on *starts to smile, leans over a little* Hang on..
Kamesen: *rubs his eyes* Oh no..
Mario: *squints, lets out a long, wet fart* Aaaaah..  THAT.. is production.
Kamesen: *pops him on the side of the head* You're a fat luggage.
Mario: Yeah well at least I don't pop out kids for the sole purpose of getting more money from the government.
Kamesen: Agreed.  That would be fucked up.
Princess Peach: *just standing there, still appalled at the two*
Kamesen: ...*regards her* Whadda you want.
Princess Peach: *opens her mouth and unleashes a demonic roar*
Kamesen: *squints against the wind, hair blowing around* STOP IT.  STOP THAT. *swipes blindly with his hands*
Princess Peach: Lemme ask YOU then!  What have YOU done today, Kamesen?!  What 'productive' thing have YOU done?
Kamesen: ...
Princess Peach: *glares at him*
Kamesen: *picks at a beer nut stuck to the couch, mumbles under his breath* I made this post-
Kamesen: aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA *just looks up and yells at her, albiet not nearly as fiercely*
Mario: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *covers his ears*
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